Education is the key to a child's development. A child who gets a good education, gets a chance for a better future. Education stimulates economic growth and reduces poverty. It is therefore of great importance that every child has the opportunity to get education and thus can contribute to society. Only together we can offer more underprivileged children the opportunity for education!


Clean drinking water, how special is this? The fact that we have clean drinking water in the Netherlands is something we don't think about in everyday life. This is a completely different story in Bali. Inhabitants do not have access to clean drinking water as a matter of course. In Bali, in areas where there is no natural clean water, rainwater is boiled or 'gallons' (water tanks) are purchased.


Basic services and necessary (medical) aids are indispensable to provide the residents with their most important living needs. For example, a bed, a wheelchair or an arm prosthesis may be among the possible facilities. Bali Care Foundation investigates what is needed per situation and tries to make a difference in cooperation with other (aid) organizations.

Food parcels

Hunger, a feeling that fortunately you and I don't know. The underprivileged people in Bali know the real hunger feeling through and through but do not have the money or possibilities to satisfy their hunger. Despite the fact that they do everything they can to provide the family members and themselves with food, they often live with hunger for a long time.


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!