Disabled people in Bali

Bali Care Foundation is continuously working to identify residents in need and to provide them with the right help. We constantly come across new distressing situations. Together with other aid organisations we try to contribute to make these difficult living conditions more bearable. In this blog we would like to tell you more about the disabled people in Bali. The situations we encounter, how parents and family members deal with children with a disability and how we as a foundation can offer a helping hand.

Written by Dirk Monsieurs & Kees Hermus

Recently, Bali Care Foundation held an action in the village of Pangkung Paruk in the Buleleng region near Lovina. We found a family situation that is very in need of help. A single mother with no income together with her disabled son. Watch the video below to get an idea of the situation.

Bali Care Foundation has provided the family with a food package and a thick soft mat for the boy to lie on. We have also contacted other aid organisations to see how this family can be helped further in the form of an adapted wheelchair or other necessary (medical) aids. The boy’s mother is completely dependent on help from the banjar (community) or other aid organisations. She is not able to work because the boy cannot be left alone.

Disabled people receive professional help in the Netherlands. If necessary, they are taken care of, there is special education and they get the right professional support. In addition, specially trained care workers have the right knowledge to offer the most effective help.

This is not the case in Indonesia. There, they have hardly any governmental aid agencies that can provide special professional help. This creates unpleasant and undesirable situations. In many cases, children with physical or mental disabilities do not go to school and do not receive special care or professional help. Fortunately, there are aid organisations on Bali that work together for people with disabilities. Together with them we can do more! For example, there are special schools financed by various foundations to give this group of disabled people a chance.

Bali Care Foundation finds it important to offer customised support to the population that is very needy. We like to cooperate with other local aid organisations to make sure that this population group gets the care, education and medical resources they need. Together strong for Bali!

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