Project Description

Education for children in Bali

Education is the key to a child’s development. A child who receives a good education has a chance for a better future. Education stimulates economic growth and reduces poverty. It is therefore very important that every child is given the opportunity to receive an education and thus be able to make a contribution to society.

Education is the key to a child’s development

I Ketut Suadi • Team Bali

What do we do?

Bali Care Foundation ensures – through close cooperation with local communities and (aid) organisations – that children who have no chance of education can still go to school. We facilitate them with school books, school uniforms and further education costs.

What can you do?

Give! Together we can offer more underprivileged children the opportunity for education and thus a better future perspective. Isn’t that what you want? Become a donor of Bali Care Foundation and give a child a chance for a better future! Any amount of money is welcome. Together we can make a difference!


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!