Bali Care Foundation’s mission is to improve the basic needs of the underprivileged inhabitants of Bali and to offer them a better future perspective.
Bali Care Foundation accomplishes this mission by providing the people of Bali with:

  • Education
  • Clean drinking water
  • Food

  • Other necessary facilities

Bali Care foundation attracts donors in order to have the financial means to accomplish its mission.

Through close cooperation with local communities (banjars) and (aid) organisations, Bali Care Foundation builds a network with the local population in order to achieve our goals as effectively as possible.

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Together we can contribute to fighting a social problem

Kees Hermus • Chairman


Providing children with the opportunity of education for a better future


Provide clean drinking water by installing water filtration systems


Creation of other essential facilities


Distributing food packages to the very poorest


Extreme poverty is unacceptable! Bali Care Foundation is convinced that with the right commitment, guidance, (financial) resources and cooperation, poverty can be reduced.

A well-organised cooperation between Bali Care Foundation, (aid) organisations and local communities (banjars) that are involved in identifying, fighting and relieving poverty should lead to a structural reduction and eventual disappearance of poverty. By offering children education, they get better chances on the labour market and therefore the possibility to support themselves in the future.

Do you share this vision? Join us in the fight against poverty in Bali. Together we are strong! Become a donor and help!


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!