Annual review 2021 and future plans

2021 was a year in which Bali Care Foundation slowly shifted its focus from short-term solutions to sustainable, long-term solutions. A year in which the foundation expanded its network of volunteers and partnerships with local foundations. As a starting foundation, in 2021, at the time of the corona crisis, Bali Care Foundation focused on short-term solutions with a high impact in order to make a direct contribution to the poorest inhabitants. For example, the foundation distributed many hundreds of food packets.

The foundation has thought about projects that could reduce extreme poverty. There has been a lot of discussion with Banjars (the smallest form of local government that acts as a village council) to look for projects that have a great impact. For example, a sustainable project has been started: water filters. Inhabitants do not have access to clean drinking water as a matter of course. They boil the water or buy gallons (water tanks). Balinese people who live in extreme poverty do not have sufficient financial resources to buy gas or gallons. The foundation is committed to providing these residents with a water filter. A water filter filters 99.99% of harmful bacteria from the water. It is a simple solution but one that directly contributes to better health and less disease among this population group. Maintenance and replacement of these water filters is also being considered.

Bali Care Foundation has also dedicated itself to education for children. There have been projects for the purchase of school uniforms, textbooks and exercise books. The education project will be continued in 2022.

Future plans

In 2022 Bali Care Foundation will focus (even) more on sustainable solutions. For example, the water filters and education projects will be further expanded.

Education is the key to a child’s development. A child that gets a good education has a chance for a better future and can later, as an adult, make a positive contribution to society. Bali Care Foundation ensures that – through close cooperation with local communities and (aid) organisations – children who have no chance of education can still go to school. This gives them better opportunities on the labour market and the possibility to provide for themselves in the future. Education stimulates economic growth and thus reduces poverty.

Bali Care Foundation wants to see if they can support villages in building infrastructure in 2022. Both infrastructure and mobility and regional accessibility are conditions for social prosperity. A well-functioning infrastructure network is crucial for the economic development of a country. On Bali, many villages are poorly accessible, which means that accessibility and economic development in poorly accessible regions has hardly improved in recent years. Together with Banjars and inhabitants, Bali Care Foundation wants to see how they can start a joint project where everyone contributes. By investing in the construction/improvement of infrastructure, villages will become more accessible, which will result in opportunities for (further) development of local prosperity.

To make the communities less dependent on gifts and donations, we want to explore with them the possibilities of realising self-sustaining projects. We are thinking of processing local products that can be sold in all of Indonesia. The foundation wants to support and guide the local population in setting up these initiatives.

We would like to thank all our donators for their contributions! Only together can we mean more.


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!