Project Description

Why is the distribution of food parcels important?

Hunger, a feeling which thankfully you and I do not know. We often say that we are hungry, but we mean that we are craving, feel like something to eat or feel like something tasty. We walk to the kitchen, grab a tasty snack from the cupboard or fridge or prepare a delicious meal. If we can’t find anything to our liking, we quickly go to the supermarket, get or order a ready-made meal or book a table in a lunchroom or restaurant. The underprivileged in Bali know the real hunger through and through, but they do not have the money or opportunities to satisfy their hunger. Despite the fact that every effort is made to provide food for their families and themselves, they often live with hunger for a long time.
Bali Care Foundation sees – especially in small villages far away from the tourist area’s – that there is a big need for food parcels. By making a donation to Bali Care Foundation you can provide families with food to feed their families.

Many people do not know the feeling of hunger. Unfortunately, this is different in Bali.

Dirk Monsieurs • Treasurer

What do we do?

Bali Care Foundation buys food parcels from donated money and in cooperation with the local authorities and the community of the village, these parcels are distributed to the families who need them most. Our local volunteer network continues to grow every day to make sure that food parcels can be delivered to the most vulnerable residents! You can read more about our experiences in our blogs.

How is a food parcel structured?

Bali Care Foundation distributes different types of food parcels. The most common package consists of:

– 5 kilos of white rice;
– 1 litre of oil;
– 1 box with 20 sachets of noodles;
– 1 crate of 30 eggs.

Total cost of the above package depends on the exchange rate and costs about € 12. A family of 4 persons can eat about 10 days of this.

What can you do?

Does it do you any good to reduce this population’s sense of hunger with a small donation? It is possible! With your donation of € 12 we can make sure that one family is provided with the food parcel mentioned above. Become a donor of Bali Care Foundation. Together we can do more.


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!