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Education for children in Bali

Written by Kees Hermus

Recently we met the family on the picture below. This family consists of father, mother and 6 young children. The parents do not have sufficient (financial) resources and other possibilities to let their children go to school. Although primary education in itself is financed by the government, the parents themselves have to pay for uniforms, books, school supplies and transport. The nearest school is too far away to walk to, the family has no means of transport and there is no public transport or other means of transport available in the region. The father has diabetes, is missing some toes and has a shattered arm which prevents him from working. Whatever the family tries, there is hardly any income.

Bali Care Foundation has taken care of the fate of this family and with the money currently available from donations this family is being helped with food packages. The foundation would like to offer the 6 young children the opportunity to get an education so that they get a better future perspective. Something that goes without saying for you and me!

Just like this family there are many families in the same needy circumstances. Money is needed to achieve our goals. By recruiting donors, Bali Care Foundation hopes to raise as much money as possible to provide many young children with educational opportunities. This will give them a chance for a better future! Is that what you want? You can do so by making a donation or signing up as a donor via

poor family receives help


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!