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Action Negara: Small gesture gives a little more freedom!

17 August 2020, the day on which Indonesia celebrates its independence, Bali Care Foundation has been able to do something for the local population. On this day in Negara, in the west of Bali, we were able to provide 3 elderly people with a walker/ wheelchair and thus give back some of their freedom.

Written by Kees Hermus

Bali Care Foundation stands for close cooperation with banjars (local communities) and (aid) organizations in order to do more for the people in need in Bali. Because we use each other’s strength, this beautiful action has come about as well. Together we were able to realize this project mainly by sharing resources. Working together for a society without poverty.

We all want to remain independent for a long time when we retire. In Western culture we are well taken care of by social institutions that assist us when help/support is desirable or necessary. Unfortunately, this is not obvious in Indonesia. Through this project we have been able to help 2 families. One family consists of father and mother – both aged – and a middle-aged son. Both parents are no longer able to walk independently and therefore necessarily spend a large part of the day in bed. The son takes care of them but does not have the financial means to do more for them. By providing both mother and father with a wheelchair, they have regained some of their freedom. This takes them out of their isolation and allows them to participate in social life again. For them, life has regained a little more substance and meaning. In the attached photo album you get an impression of the situation.

In addition to the family above, we were able to provide another older woman with a walker. This enables her to move around and carry out small activities without having to ask for help from others.

Do you agree that older people in Bali have a right to better basic facilities so that they can participate in daily life in a pleasant way even at an older age? Become a donor of Bali Care Foundation and make a difference.


As long as there is poverty in Bali, we will continue to work with full conviction to improve living conditions. Donate today and make a difference!